3D Printers Compatible with MK8 | PMK8 Nozzles

MK8 and PMK8 Nozzle-Compatible 3D Nozzles:

MK8/PMK8 nozzles are another common choice in the 3D printing community. They are known for their reliability and are found in a variety of 3D printers:

  1. Creality:

    • Creality, a prominent 3D printer manufacturer, includes MK8 nozzles in several of their popular printer models, such as the Creality Ender series and CR-10 series.
  2. Prusa Research:

    • Some Prusa Research 3D printers, like the Prusa i3 MK2, have used MK8-style nozzles.
  3. Anet A8:

    • The Anet A8, a popular budget 3D printer, is equipped with an MK8 nozzle.
  4. Kingroon: all current models are using MK8 or PMK8 (Phaetus) nozzles

Kindly be aware that in certain instances, utilizing MK8 nozzles may necessitate upgrading the hotends, as well as potential modifications or customizations to the 3D printer's extruder and cooling systems. We recommend referring to the manufacturer's official documentation and active user community forums for the latest information regarding 3D printer compatibility with these specific hotend types.