Unlock Advanced Slicing Techniques with SuperSlicer - Your Open Source Solutions.

SuperSlicer is an open-source slicing engine based on PrusaSlicer. It can serve as a free alternative to CURA with advanced capabilities.

Getting Started with SuperSlicer

1. Download SuperSlicer for free from or for Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

2. Add your printer profile by choosing one from the built-in list or importing your own custom .ini file.

3. Import a 3D model and orient it on the plate. Tip: Use the automatic orientation feature.

4. Select a default preset profile like "PLA" or "PETG" to automatically load suitable print settings.

5. Adjust key settings like layer height, infill, supports as needed. SuperSlicer offers detailed settings control.

6. Slice the model to generate the gcode toolpaths for printing. Faster slicing speeds than CURA.

7. Save the gcode to SD card or connect to your printer interface. SuperSlicer allows network printing.

8. Start your print! Benefit from SuperSlicer's advanced algorithims for a high quality print.

Superslicer vs CURA

Compared to CURA, SuperSlicer offers very similar core functionality with a few key advantages:

- Faster slicing speeds, especially for detailed models.
- Additional input and printer controls.
- Expanded material-specific print profiles.
- Active developer community with frequent updates.

For beginners, both SuperSlicer and CURA provide an easy on-ramp to high quality 3D printing. SuperSlicer offers room to grow with more customization and advanced options.