QIDI Tech X-Max 3/X-Plus 3/X-Smart 3 Hotend Silicone Socks

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This hotend protector will significantly help to stabilize the temperature of the hotend, irrespective of ambient temperature variations. Hotend covers can be used to rapidly heat the hotend to a desired temperature, as the silicone's structure within the cover limits heat escape. This is a great alternative to the easily worn kapton tape and heat-resistant cotton that typically come with 3D printers.
When compared to regular hotend insulation solutions, this silicone cover is much sturdier and more practical. With this cover, you can safely print more exotic materials like ABS/PETG etc at higher temperatures while maintaining the cooling fans at full speed. Actively maintaining the hotend at a high temperature and cooling the ABS/PETG etc more rapidly before putting it on the hotbed can help improve success rates on more prints.